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Join the rapid-growth sandwich franchises of Erbert and Gerbert’s

Simple operations and community focus make Erbert and Gerbert’s stand out among sandwich franchises

We have a story to tell at Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop, and we’re looking for new franchisees to help us tell it. We’ve broken the 100-store milestone, and we have the operational experience and excellence to help you succeed with our brand. Our sandwich franchises have simple operations that make it easy to run and easy to scale; revenue-building services through in-store, delivery and catering sales; and a community focus that helps your store connect directly with guests.

Great food and operations make this the best deal for you

21 Billion Dollar Sandwich industryWith any sandwich franchise, everything starts with the food. The sandwiches and soups at Erbert and Gerbert’s come alive with high-quality ingredients and bold sauces and spreads like Peppadew Mustard and Cranberry Wasabi. And to make them even better, we scoop out the middle of our fresh-baked bread to stuff more into each sandwich and create a delicious balance of flavors for guests.

We have a strong supply chain and operational systems in place that make it as easy as possible for you to serve your guests those delicious sandwiches and soups. We negotiate with our suppliers to make sure we’re getting you the best deals we can to keep your costs down and potential profits up.

This ease of operations helps you focus on creating the best experience possible for your guests, and it also makes the business more scalable so you can run it more efficiently and eventually open additional locations.

Reach more guests and increase income potential

One of the advantages of choosing Erbert and Gerbert’s over other sandwich franchises is access to multiple avenues to reach guests. Unlike a lot of other chains, we offer in-store, carryout, drive-thru, delivery and catering. Delivery provides a big advantage by making your store a convenient choice for someone who needs a tasty lunch but can’t step away from their desk for long.

An employee from an Erbert & Gerbert’s franchise passes a wrapped sandwich over the store counter.
Each Erbert and Gerbert’s location has the advantages of a franchise system while still having a local community connection.

Catering also acts as its own marketing; it introduces your brand to potential new guests and gives you the opportunity to be the go-to option for local school and business events. This rapidly builds businesses by both bringing in new guests and contributing to regular, repeat business.

A community focus helps attract more business

We’re big on community at Erbert and Gerbert’s, and that means a few different things. We cultivate a community centered around our franchise owners, with direct, mutually beneficial teamwork between the corporate team and franchisees.

The stores form a great connection with guests, as well, with marketing focused directly on your neighborhoods. Franchisees often cater charity, school and business events, integrating themselves into the community. Each location has the advantages of being part of a franchise system, while maintaining the feel of a local sandwich shop.

Learn more about the Erbert and Gerbert’s opportunity

If you’re ready to learn more about Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich franchises, visit our other research pages. To start a conversation, fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to further discuss the opportunity. We look forward to speaking with you!