Location, location, location: How the perfect spot can drive your sandwich shop’s success

Erbert and Gerbert’s offers hands-on support to new franchisees to help them open a sandwich shop in a location that maximizes their potential for success

Location is one of the most important things to get right when opening a sandwich shop, so our experienced team takes a hands-on approach when helping our franchisees pick a perfect spot. The right place can provide a huge advantage in growing your business.

A great location can give you a head start in the sandwich business.
A group of employees in blue Erbert and Gerbert’s shirts pose in front of their store in a strip mall.

“The sweet spot with Erbert and Gerbert’s has high traffic,” says President and CEO Eric Wolfe. “We have locations that are downtown, we have suburban locations, we have drive-thru locations. Regardless of what market we’re in, we’re always looking for the best site. We also have a dedicated real estate person who helps franchisees identify sites, review lease terms and manage the new store opening process.”

Community engagement drives higher sales

Our franchisees become integral parts of their neighborhoods, supporting their communities so their communities support them, too. That can also help open up another major revenue stream: catering.

Whether it’s after-parties for the high school sports team or catered lunches for a local business, our delicious sandwiches and soups offer something that everyone can agree on. Better still, each of these large-ticket events has the potential to expose your brand to many more people, and those new guests often convert into loyal, long-term visitors.

“We want the franchisees to be the mayor of their town,” says Wolfe. “Just getting out into your community and making connections helps you become the go-to place for your guests, which brings them in more often.”

The advantages of a flexible footprint

Location also matters in helping to determine the type of store layout you’ll have. We have a number of designs and layouts, and our sub sandwich franchise’s simple operations mean franchisees have the flexibility to open a sandwich shop in a wide variety of places. That benefits our franchisees by ensuring that they don’t have to pass on a perfect location because of rigid space requirements.

A photo collage of four Erbert and Gerbert’s locations, including one freestanding with drive-thru; one in-line on a city street; one convenience store co-location with a visible gas price sign and drive-thru; and one indoor location with a glass front and a visible escalator to the side.

There are advantages to each type of layout, depending on the location; we can work directly with you to determine the best fit for the area you’re looking to open.

  • Free-standing. These outlets are the most flexible, with plenty of space for in-store diners and the ability to increase the number of guests you can serve by adding a drive-thru window. They can also increase visibility and access to your location, making it simpler to draw more guests in.
  • In-line. These typically smaller locations can be the perfect fit for business districts, with the potential for brisk carryout and delivery business for workers needing a quick but satisfying lunch.
  • Convenience store. By partnering with another brand and opening in a shared building, you can increase your exposure to new guests. In some locations, this layout may also be able to accommodate a drive-thru window, helping you take advantage of the benefits of a free-standing location, with real estate costs that are likely to be much lower.

What is a non-traditional location?

In addition to our traditional layouts, we sometimes have opportunities for entrepreneurs to open a sandwich shop in non-traditional locations. These smaller-scale outlets located in college campuses, hospitals and even corporate headquarters have pared-down menus and don’t offer delivery, but they also have the advantages of high visibility and a captive audience. These opportunities are limited, so for most franchisees, a traditional layout will be the right choice. With the flexibility of our layouts, we can work with you to find just the right place.

Learn more

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