30 years of stories: Erbert and Gerbert’s celebrates milestone anniversary

We have a story to tell you about how great food, operations and people have led to 30 years of success for our sub sandwich franchise opportunity

With over 30 years in business, Erbert and Gerbert’s is celebrating a big anniversary, but we’re not resting; we’re continuing to push forward to keep our sub sandwich franchise opportunity fresh for guests and owners alike.

The welcome sign on the outside of an Erbert and Gerbert’s location. The sign says, “Welcome. Our story begins with a storyteller – A father, who created stories out of love for his children. From his imagination sprang two brothers, Erbert and Gerbert Herbert, as well as a cast of colorful characters whose names grace our sandwiches. On their journeys through space and time, Erbert and Gerbert learn valuable lessons about history, science and the importance of friendship. Enjoy the sandwiches. And the stories.”
We’ve been telling our story for 30 years, and we have lots of satisfied guests and growing sales to show for it.

Delicious sub sandwiches bring guests in over and over

The main ingredient in any sandwich franchise has to be the food, of course.

“We slice all of our meats in-store, we bake our own bread in-store, we have our own recipes of soup and we offer a lot of different varieties for our customers,” says President and CEO Eric Wolfe. “It’s the core business of who we are and what we do.”

Quality comes first at Erbert and Gerbert’s, as we work closely with our vendors to ensure we get the best ingredients available for customers, and the best deals for franchisees. Close vendor relationships help make our sandwich shop franchise opportunity work well for owners.

“With our vendor relationships, Erbert and Gerbert’s gets us a high-quality product, and they keep our costs down,” says multi-brand franchisee Rick Swanson. “I get to be a part of a franchise that I can be proud of, serving great food in a fun environment.”

Why Now is a Great Time to Own an Erbert and Gerbert’s Franchise

Great systems make the franchise opportunity work for you

Strong operations are crucial to making any business work, and a great business experience for owners helps them create a great guest experience in their stores. Having the right systems in place is the key to everything from marketing to management to creating loyal, repeat customers. Over the past 30 years, we’ve stood the test of time by staying true to our brand’s story, while maintaining the flexibility to pivot with the needs of guests and franchisees.

“It all comes down to operations,” says Wolfe. “We have invested money, time and people in the operations department to focus in on what is most important for franchisees, which also funnels down to our customers and customer service.”

And our operations are set up so that even if you’re not an experienced restaurateur, we can help you learn our sub sandwich franchise opportunity through training, coaching and ongoing support.

“Restaurants sometimes are scary to many individuals, but this organization has a plan for you,” says multi-unit franchisee Jerry Treleven. “If I can make it, anybody can make it, because I had no restaurant experience at all. This organization set up a footprint which I was able to follow and become successful.”

Erbert and Gerbert’s Brand History

Great people help us tell our story

None of this would have been possible without the people who have helped Erbert and Gerbert’s tell our story. From our loyal guests to our dedicated franchisees and their hard-working teams, our foundation is strong for the next 30 years and beyond. For our franchisees, the people are the most rewarding part of owning the business.

“What I enjoy most is the people,” says Treleven. “You hear that from many people who own businesses, but if you really participate and spend time with your employees and guests, you gain respect and you gain relationships that are second to none.”

At the end of the day, we’re here to make people happy, through delicious sandwiches, an appealingly nostalgic atmosphere and friendly customer service that makes everyone who walks into an Erbert and Gerbert’s part of the same community.

“It’s all about creating the smiles within our restaurants, with our staff and with our customers,” says Wolfe. “From training to operations to marketing to product quality, we have to get all of that right. It’s all intertwined. If we create that smile for that guest, then we know that we’ve done it.”

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