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Are you the right fit?


Are you the right fit?

Knowing who you are can help you own a franchise that’s the perfect fit

When looking to own a franchise, it’s always a good idea to do as much research as possible. One thing you might not think about is how much self-reflection you should do. Everybody’s different, but most franchise buyers fit into certain groups, and some business opportunities are a better fit for some types of buyers compared to others.

“We’re often asked, ‘Do I have to have a restaurant background to be a successful franchisee?’ I think what is most important for a franchisee is a willingness to receive information and to use the systems and the tools that we offer. Have a great can-do attitude and go after it,” says Supply Chain Management and Net Partner Fred Koch. “What we need is someone that has a desire to succeed who can operate inside of a framework. We all have ways that we think that we can build a better mouse trap, but that mouse trap has been built for you with Erbert and Gerbert’s.”

Below are some of the most common buyer archetypes among Erbert and Gerbert’s franchise owners. Where do you fit in?

First-time buyers

First-time franchise buyers ideally seek out a franchise with ease of operations, a strong support network and a low point of entry. They may be Millennials whose families invest in the business so they can get their first taste of entrepreneurism, or they may be professionals who are tired of the corporate world and are seeking a new career where they can be their own boss. New entrepreneurs look to invest in an industry with strong growth and a lot of momentum.

Erbert and Gerbert’s is a great fit for this type of entrepreneur, who may be interested in starting as an owner-operator to get a feel for the business, then bring on more staff and open new locations to scale the business to their ambitions.


Two employees at an Erbert and Gerbert’s franchise prepare sandwiches on the prep line behind the counter.
Managing staff is an essential skill for a successful Erbert and Gerbert’s franchisee, and developing a talented team helps your business reach its full potential.

Back-to-Work franchise candidates are often stay-at-home parents whose kids have grown. They’re looking for something small, simple and manageable to get them back into the workforce after a decade or more away. They look for good training and support systems and are often just looking for supplemental income to help with tuition bills and retirement funds.

Erbert and Gerbert’s model is a great fit for owner-operators, with operational and training support to help franchisees learn the business and put the skills they have back into use.

Middle Managers

Middle Managers have hit a ceiling in their corporate careers and want to take more control and own their successes. They’ll be directly involved in the business in a managerial role. To start, they’ll be looking for low startup costs and low staffing requirements, but with their business experience they’ll take a look at how the business plan and outlook can scale up. Many military veterans fall into this archetype.

With low startup costs, low staffing requirements and operations that are easy to train employees on, Erbert and Gerbert’s can be the right choice for someone with business and managerial experience who’s looking to build something of their own. By bringing on managers and new team members, they can scale up as they lead a successful team.

Current Customers or Vendors

These are people who already love a brand and want to play a part in helping it expand. They may have just moved from an area with the brand to one without it, and want to bring it into that new market. In their new area, they don’t think the competition reaches the same standards. Some of them already have other businesses and understand what it takes to run one, and others may be looking to work with a brand they love as part of a family business.

With Erbert and Gerbert’s unique, flavorful sandwiches, entrepreneurs can offer something different than similar franchises and bring a product they love to the community they love.

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