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Meet the management team


Meet the management team

The Erbert and Gerbert’s® management team works hard to help you build a successful business

Eric Wolfe

President and CEO

Eric Wolfe has overseen tremendous growth at Erbert and Gerbert’s since he purchased E&G Franchise Systems, Erbert and Gerbert’s parent company, in 2004. He saw strong potential in the brand’s food, operations and story and endeavored to bring it to the next level. Erbert & Gerbert’s has expanded from 23 units to more than 100 open locations in 16 states under his leadership and is poised to accelerate even further.

Fred Koch

Supply Chain Management and Net Partner

Fred Koch brings to the table decades of experience as a restaurant franchisee with Hardee’s, Taco John’s and Papa John’s. He has had a consulting relationship with Erbert and Gerbert’s since 2009. In 2014, Koch became the Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors, and with his years in the restaurant industry, he’s key to our success in managing the logistics and contract negotiations of our supply chain.

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