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Our business model


Our business model

Erbert and Gerbert’s® sandwich franchise has great food, convenience for guests and excellent business systems to help you succeed

With nearly 30 years in business, along with decades of franchising and food industry experience in our management team, Erbert and Gerbert’s has developed a strong business model for our sandwich franchise that’s easy to follow, produces an excellent product and focuses on guest convenience in a number of different ways.

Classic sandwiches with unique twists

Two employees at an Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich franchise unload a box of ingredients from the walk-in freezer.
Our strong vendor relationships help you get quality ingredients at great prices.

Success for any Erbert and Gerbert’s franchise starts with the delicious sandwiches, soups and sides franchisees serve to their guests. We scoop out the middle of our fresh-baked bread to make a perfect balance of meat, cheese and other ingredients, sliced and prepared in-store, and we enhance it all with bold, unique flavors like our Chipotle Citrus BBQ, Pesto Mayo and other sauces and spreads.

Thanks to our strong vendor relationships, we keep ingredient costs down, which leads to higher profit margins. Our simple operations make it easier to train employees, so franchisees can focus on making guests happy.

How we deliver to guests

Our business model provides multiple avenues to get our great food to guests. Many locations offer a wide variety of options, including dine-in, carryout, drive-thru, delivery and catering, so guests can get enjoy Erbert and Gerbert’s in whatever way is most convenient for them.

We also have a number of opportunities available with non-traditional locations. A big part of being a convenient choice is being where our guests are, so we have locations in shopping malls, on college campuses and in many other locations, often with lower startup costs than a traditional location.

Becoming a community fixture

Two employees at an Erbert and Gerbert’s location prepare sandwiches in the prep area.
Streamlined operations and simple-to-make sandwiches ensure speed of service.

Reliable convenience and availability drive guest retention and establish Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich franchise as an integral business in the community. Our food tastes great, so guests come back or order from us more often.

Catering offers another way to connect with the community. Everyone loves sandwiches, which makes Erbert and Gerbert’s catering the perfect choice for parties or for group lunches at local businesses, schools and other organizations. Many of our franchisees also support local charities and nonprofits, giving back to the communities that support them, and in turn, ensuring that they keep those guests coming back.

Learn more and start a conversation

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