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What is Erbert and Gerbert’s®?


What is Erbert and Gerbert’s®?

Open your own sub franchises with us, and our history and experience will help you shape your story and build a strong business

Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop is a long-running franchise with delicious sandwiches and soups that are convenient for our guests to get, with options for dine-in, carryout, drive-thru, catering and delivery. 

A variety of Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwiches stacked on a catering platter.
With dine-in, carryout, drive-thru, catering and delivery available at most locations, Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwiches are a convenient go-to lunch or dinner choice for loyal guests.

We’ve got momentum on our side after reaching 100 units and we’re accelerating our growth. For owner-operators and multi-unit investors, opening one or more Erbert and Gerbert’s sub franchises just might be the right business move for you.

What’s in a name?

Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop has been around for nearly 30 years, but the story of our name stretches back even further. “Erbert and Gerbert Herbert” were two brothers in stories that our founder’s father told to him as a child. Those adventures are all over our menu, with each of our sandwiches named for the characters from those bedtime stories.

We take that personality into our marketing and every Erbert and Gerbert’s location. It cultivates a quirky, nostalgic tone that pairs well with our classic, comforting sandwiches and soups. Having a story behind every sandwich puts a little more meaning into them and makes us more memorable to guests.

A team with a history of excellence

With history comes experience, and we have plenty of that at Erbert and Gerbert’s. Our management team boasts decades of experience and excellence in the franchising and food industries, both on the operations side and as owners of other franchise concepts. That puts us in a better position to help you build a successful business.

We know the best ways to do things, so that you can benefit from the years we’ve spent building and refining our systems. We know the challenges you may face, and we have ways to help you overcome them. We have also developed strong relationships with our suppliers over the years, negotiating deals that help keep your food costs down.

Delicious food that makes guests happy

All of that history and experience comes together for what’s most important: making your guests happy by serving great food.

A wall mural titled “Our Cast of Colorful Characters” with drawings of various Erbert and Gerbert’s story characters.
Our characters and stories give us a bigger personality than most other sub franchises.

We serve delicious sandwiches with in-store sliced meat, cheese and vegetables stuffed into fresh-baked (never more than five hours old) bread with a scooped-out middle for better flavor balance, enhanced by unique flavors like our savory Peppadew Mustard and sweet Cranberry Wasabi sauces.

Without that food, we wouldn’t have our history. Sub franchises like ours have to get the food right; it’s what truly tells our story to our guests. And our great food tells a great story, turning your guests into regulars and helping you build a successful fixture of your community.

Learn more about the Erbert and Gerbert’s opportunity

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