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What our franchisees are saying


What our franchisees are saying

Read some Erbert and Gerbert’s® franchise reviews from current owners to see what they like about the sandwich franchise opportunity

The things I enjoy most about being an owner of an Erbert and Gerbert’s franchise are the people that are involved. You hear that from many people who own businesses, but if you really participate and spend time with these people, you gain respect and you gain a relationship that is second to none. You almost miss them if you don’t see them for a week. That’s the most enjoyable part for me.

Jerry Treleven, Multi-Unit Franchisee

It’s always a warm feeling in the store. You know so many of your customers because we take their names when they order their sandwiches. We get to know them. A lot of the time, people will walk in the door and we’ve already got their sandwich made for them. It’s a warm family feeling.

Brigett Blise, Franchisee

What I enjoy most about being an owner with Erbert and Gerbert’s is that I’m the owner. I get to be a part of a franchise that I can be proud of, where I am serving great food in a fun environment. From that standpoint, it’s something where each day I don’t mind getting up to go to work. How many people can say that? Owning my own business, that’s something that I look forward to each and every day.

Rick Swanson, Franchisee

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